Three sentences about 2017-07-21

Jul. 21st, 2017 09:59 pm
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Better progress on the daunting project! Matt and I finally sat down and really wrote down all the stuff that needs to happen, and in what order, and started to scheme about who's going to do it, and I now feel like I have a much clearer sense of what specific critical parts I need to get done no seriously really soon now, and what complicated and possibly vague and TBD parts can wait until after that (by which point they'll be much less vague and the Ds will have B). Just in time for the weekend, and then a week on call, of course, but still. Enough is written down that I think I can do it.

I'd stopped at Home Depot on the way to work to pick up a plumber's snake, and then used it to unclog the shower drain, which it did nicely, pulling up a ball of hair approximately the size and shape and general appearance of a standard-issue mouse rodent. (It was in fact hair, though, and not a mouse rodent that had somehow crawled into the shower drain, which ew.) Played a good game of Robot Turtles with Q, did Junie's bedtime, and now it's my bedtime.

Three sentences about 2017-07-20

Jul. 20th, 2017 11:08 pm
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More halting progress on the big daunting project, but I haven't fully destroyed its dauntingness yet. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe being on call next week will set me back to square one again, we'll see. :^p Made Thai yellow curry chicken and peas and carrots for dinner, forgot to buy the garlic naan, made rice instead. The shower drain is clogged, and plunging and coathangering didn't help (and might even have hurt, oddly), boiling water may have helped a little but hasn't fully cleared it out. Will plunge some more, and maybe either call a plumber or go buy an actual plumber's snake, tomorrow.

Three sentences about 2017-07-20

Jul. 20th, 2017 12:41 pm
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Got some stuff done at work, still finding the big-daunting-project aspect to be intimidating, but continuing to throw myself at it, and eventually I'll get on top of it. Played a couple of games with Q before bed, Go Fish and Memory Game, the latter of which he's quite good at, although it's generally close (and last night I think we tied twice in a row). Fell asleep on Junie's floor doing her bedtime, went to bed early myself.

sequels to Hugo nominees

Jul. 18th, 2017 11:37 pm
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Paper Girls 2, comic. The main new conceit of this volume (as set up at the end of volume 1) is a hugely compelling premise for me. I kind of wish they'd been able to hit it harder/dig in deeper... I mean, the emotional tone was in keeping with the rest of the comic, but. Dude. Way to concretize what happens to be one of my core emotional conflicts. Maybe there'll be fic? Maybe I'll write some?

Raven Stratagem, Yoon Ha Lee. My reaction is under the cut, as is a GIANT MASSIVE PLOT SPOILER. Sufficient warning? MAJOR SPOILERS HERE? Read more... )

Three sentences about 2017-07-18

Jul. 18th, 2017 09:40 pm
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Back to mostly normal today. Q's foot owies still hurt, but he could tolerate a sock and a shoe this morning, and was off to camp. It was Wacky Water Day, but he managed to mostly avoid getting wet, go him. I had a sluggish start to my morning, but got some stuff done at work, including a variety of satisfying but not high-priority help-other-people-with-stuff type things, and finally eventually a better sense of what I should actually be doing right now. As it turns out, it's a big daunting project of the sort that I tend to struggle with and have a hard time starting, but I'm in a pretty good position right now to say fuck it and get started, and it's always easier to keep moving once I'm going. So, tomorrow, that! Meanwhile tonight, I coaxed Q through a bath, working on mostly keeping the foot owies out of the water, then washing them a bit at the end, then getting everything re-bandaided again afterwards. He is a good little thing. (Junie is also very excellent, but I had less to do with her specifically this evening. :^) They're asleep now, and I'm gonna turn in nice and early too, and hopefully improve my odds of anything good happening tomorrow.

Three sentences about 2017-07-17

Jul. 18th, 2017 03:27 pm
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Monday Monday! Both kids are doing ABGC day camp this week, but Q's foot was hurting enough that putting on a sock was painful, much less a shoe, so he stayed home, and I dropped Junie off so that Q wouldn't have to go out at all in the morning. Did a bunch of "figuring out what next" type stuff at work, which was good, although I still feel like I'm not sure what exactly *I personally* am supposed to be doing right now, which is not ideal. Home, dinner, a bath for Junie, an extra bandaid for Q on one of the scrapes that we hadn't bandaided before (but which had been bothering him more after all), and some more Hat Full Of Sky before bed. Caught up a bit with Amy after that, until the power went out in our neighborhood; we stayed up a little longer with the laptops and phone hotspots to keep us online, but then headed to bed.

Approximately weekly diet report )

Three sentences about 2017-07-16

Jul. 18th, 2017 02:52 pm
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More kids, more kids! Dim sum first this morning, celebrating Otavia's birthday, attended by Otavia & David & T, Alyssa & Kon & M & S, and the three of us. At China Pearl, where we hadn't been in a while, but which was perfectly suitable as far as we were concerned. The main difference we cared about was that the sweet layer on top of the baked pork buns (cha siu bao?) was a dry yellow stuff that I should probably know what it is but don't (yellow bean paste?), rather than sticky and clear. It was all yummy, in any case. :^) After that, we headed over to Three (Or Four) Playgrounds Park, aka Thompson Elementary, where we met Junie's friend E from ABGC camp, and mostly played in the water on the splash deck. We also bumped into a fellow incoming Hardy kindergartner of Q's, who we'd met at a playground meetup a few weeks ago, so he had some instant buddies to run around with too. A very good time was had by all, until Q scraped up his foot something awful -- I didn't catch all the details, focusing on bandaging him up, but I think he was running barefoot on some of the asphalt and stumbled or some such thing. He ripped a flap of the skin on the tip of his big toe off, and had probably dix or eight other abrasions on the foot of varying degrees of ouchiness. :^( I put a couple of bandaids on at the park, got him home, and we gave the whole foot a thorough (and really painful for him, poor guy) washing with soap and water after dinner, which he did not like one tiny bit, but was very brave about despite hating every second of it. First, though, Jeff and Jenizie and Chaos came home with Amy from Readercon, and we played some games and had some pizza, which was lots of fun. Chaos and Jenizie and Jeff and I played Wiz-War, which I liked a lot, the new set seems pretty solid, compared to what a mess of vagueness and contradictions previous editions have been. Chaos won that, in a suitably close and competitive battle. Then we split into two games, including the kids: Jenizie and Junie and I played labyrinth, which Junie won, while Amy and Jeff and Chaos and Q played Aquarius in the other room (so I don't kow what the outcome was there). Amy and I put the kids to bed, and the grownups then played Niagara, which I won with four purple stones. We said goodnight after that, and got to bed not too late I believe.

Three sentences about 2017-07-15

Jul. 17th, 2017 08:32 am
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A busy Saturday full of kids! Shotokan in the morning, where Junie got her second stripe on her purple belt, go her. Home for a quick lunch; we then dropped Junie off at a playdate at a friend B's house, and then Q and I headed over to Joey's park to meet up with his friend A. They ran and played and had a generally good time, and then we threw a frisbee a bit towards the end, which was fun. We also saw JDMS and Z there on a playdate of their own. A had to leave at 15:00 or so, but Q and I stuck around for another hour after that, a big chunk of it with one of us shooting the outdoor volleyball at a goal formed by the posts of the fence around the tennis courts there, while the other played goalie. Both sides of that were fun, but it'd had gotten pretty hot over the course of the afternoon, so we were pretty tuckered by the time we finally headed out. Picked up Junie at around 16:30, and headed to Friendly's for dinner, with the usual tasty array of fast ish food and ice cream for dessert. Home after that for some baths and bedtime, including a bunch of Hat Full Of Sky. I then stayed up stupidly late working on a Button Men thing that turned out to be a big waste of time, but meh, that's how it goes sometimes, so.

Three sentences about 2017-07-14

Jul. 17th, 2017 08:20 am
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Heading into a weekend of kids! Amy's going to Readercon for the weekend (well, during the days), so I worked from home today, and wrangled some kids. I picked up Junie after the last session of her day camp for the week, an Arlington Community Education arts & crafts program "Fairy Habitats", in which they built daollhouse house sized things out of various wood, cardboard, plastic, and cloth materials, including furniture and decorative bits as well. We brought that home, and she hung out and read while I got a bit more work done. We then went to pick up Q from his, "Young At Art" at the Arlington Center For The Arts, where today was the end-of-week performance, in their case of a song they'd been working on. The theme was transportation type things, so he also had a bunch of art along those lines, a train and a car and a hot air balloon. Home, mac & cheese for dinner, and then probably some games or something, I was too zonked to write at the time and have now forgotten. Amy got home in time for some bedtimes, which was nice because there had been some fightin' and sorrow, but we ended on a pretty good note.

Various emotions and developments

Jul. 15th, 2017 09:23 pm
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This week had some weird emotional stuff at work. It wasn't a normal week to begin with, because I spent two days teaching instead of doing my usual. Then there was the part where I spoke about my childhood in front of a crowd of coworkers (minimally and lightly, but still), and also the part where I was hearing about something sad in another part of my team and I got to see my boss cry. :-( This is all totally separate from the HR issue that also blew up after business hours one day, sending four of us little managers scurrying around to each other to decide to escalate, together, above our vacationing director to the VP. We didn't have full consensus on doing that, either, despite it being in my opinion an obvious call. *headdesk*

I saw Quarte yesterday and pried his foot off another inch or so off the sexual brake. He's been a little overwrought about sex, if you ask me, and a couple of weeks ago he'd expressed that having an orgasm with someone felt scary because it felt like giving them his soul. So last week I told him that if someone were to accidentally give me a soul, that would be okay: I would hold onto it for a few minutes, take care of it and then give it back. Apparently that stuck and was the Right Thing To Say! Good. Little wins, I will take them. Still no soul-transfers (or intercourse, for that matter: GRUMP), but at this point there should probably be a friendly betting pool on when.

Working toward a breakup with serious structured acro. Or, actually, done, today -- my latest partner's usual performance partner is free to take dynamic with him, so I'm out and they're in. I want my Monday evenings back, and I want to work on stuff that will actually pay off. Of course upon sending the final text I got hit with a wave of very unpleasant FOMO, but that's the point, brain, let's do miss out on an awkward schedule with hard work that doesn't go anywhere and a weird "are you in the in-club" feeling attached! So, today I went out to the park for the first time in a long time. That was a good call. I got to vent to people who Understood, and do very nice standing hand-to-hands on three different people including [personal profile] soong, and I walked away with one person who'd like to take private lessons and one person who'd like to video a particular (long) acroyoga flow. So I feel better, and like I can ease off on the stressful stuff without my acrolife having to be entirely over, even though the jams are time-consuming and I've been feeling edgy about time lately.

Speaking of which, the work email calls.

Pinewoods 2017 report

Jul. 16th, 2017 01:00 pm
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Pinewoods 2017 report

If I were really good, I would try dividing it up into chunks of ESC, Session 1, and Session 21, but I'm not that good. So have a jumbled together report of my last two weeks. I'm not writing it in any sort of order, so the footnotes might beare all jumbled up.

*So um redacted redacted redacted hour kissing on the dock redacted redacted. Also this is the second time in three months where I have taken photos of me kissing a cute girl and sent them to her girlfriend.

*Dave Wiesler is the absolute best at writing music. His bandleading night in session 1, I mostly couldn't actually dance due to a twingy ankle (and I am gentler about that when there's five more nights of dancing than I would be otherwise), but that meant I spent some good time just hiding behind the bandshell catnapping and listening to just fucking magnificent music. I want want desperate want a recording of his Joie de Vivre set, it was just *magical*.

*FOUR SQUARE ON THE RAFT IS THE NEW BEST GAME AT PINEWOODS! And of course, we invented/found this game and the weather immediately got grumpy and rainy and Scottish and no one wanted to go play in the water anymore so we never played again. But there was like an hour and a half of it on Sunday.

*Also redacted details but one of my favourite comets3 and I get to see each other at Pinewoods every year, and this year was just _super_ good for it. Also, yes, it is absolutely possible to fit two people into the single4 bed in Kitty Alone, you just have to be very friendly and accept that one of y'all might have the windowsill digging into their leg the whole night. Luckily no one is sleeping very long at camp.

*Fred is SUCH AN AWESOME HIGHLAND TEACHER! We covered two dances in two days during session 1, and then refined one of them and learned another two dances in session two. Somehow I have now reached the point where I was in the demo set for things, which is terrifying, considering that everyone else in the demo set is either Triona (who started at the same time as me but actually practices and is good at Highland) or people who've been competing for like fifteen years.

*I mostly did not go to any classes except Highland, but I did make it to the cross-step waltz class, which was really good! It had one variation that I'd never seen before, some more practice on grapevines (which I suuuuck at), and there was about a ten second "and also pivots exist" near the end which I managed to corner Keira and get actual info about and then I did some real pivots with Val and internalized them well enough to teach them to Stephen and Alex. Now, these are all three super competent dancers, but I still felt pretty proud of myself and will try to throw those in next time I lead cross-step.

*The hardest part about doing secret rehearsals for secret Abbots Bromley is then not whistling the tune for the next three hours and giving away the secret. Also, our fool was complimented both times on their ability to hit the triangle in an appropriate and not overwhelming manner. Alsoalso, the fact that the Abbots Bromley is traditionally taught to Scottish dancers by being dragged into the woods by a veritable wizard is basically the Best Thing. Alsoalsoalso, I don't know what you are talking about I was definitely not part of any of this weird English ritual nonsense.


*Spent like four hours in what felt kinda like a con panel where we talked about old drama (and I (re?)learned a story that's important for me to know and now I have a clearer picture instead of just details) and the progression from gamergate to trump supporters and a bit of just tragic personal history of a friend of mine. It was a cozy night! Sad that all the stories were sad, but the greater world is sad right now, and Callahan has an adage about the importance of shared pain.

*Had very _very_ low amounts of polydrama/jealousy going on. This doesn't *always* happen at Pinewoods, and I swear there's a lot of camp beyond kissing people, but when you consider that I actively resisted camp for at least two years before originally going because I didn't want to be a seventh wheel, it's cool to have a year where all the relationships were able to be content with each other.

*I taught a workshop about "SCD for Crew"! It was about an hour, and I went into it wanting to cover five main things: the five basic Scottish steps, quicktime pousettes, allemandes, at least one corner figure, and dancing something without cues. We got through all those things! It helps that crew tends to have a crazy high dance ability!

*Speaking of crew, there were two nineteen year olds who I spent time with, both of whom make me very confused since I'm pretty sure I was in no way that chill or competent when I was nineteen. I want to be friends with both of them and am not sure I am cool enough to be so, also they apparently told other people I was awesome which just ???!??!!?

Apparently I'm getting old enough to have people look up to me, which is kinda nice and also ??!??!???.

*RAPPER RAPPER RAPPER I GOT TO DO RAPPER AND IT'S MY FAVOURITE DANCE FORM AND GODDAMNIT I WANT TO FORM A RAPPER TEAM GUUAHHHHHHH. Okay I just looked it up and it's like £35 a sword but I'm actually weirdly okay with the idea of sometime dropping $230 on this once I have a Real Job in order to facilitate having a team I want to do rapper _that bad_.

*Also our rapper teacher tried Scottish for the first time at ESC, and he did well and it was very charming and fun, *and* our Scottish teacher tried Contra for the first time and she had fun and THIS IS WHAT ESC IS FOR AND THIS IS WHY IT'S THE BEST SESSION!

*During Scottish I had two separate moments where I felt the need to subtweet about someone and instead just went ahead and told him because that makes more sense and is less drama-inducing. Plus, I only have one ex-boyfriend who's since gotten married, so like, if I talk about feeling compersion towards him and his wife, that's not really subtle and he knows it's him.

(The second spoken subtweet involved the phrase "bad decision hot" and no I'm not telling you any more about it.)

*I had two separate trips to Little Long Pond, both excellent in their own way. The first involved taking newfriends Austin and Phoebe during ESC, at which point we found out that the canal was much lower than normal and we had to tie up our canoe and wade through (this was awesome). On our way back, we touched two separate bouys in regular long pond. It is worth noting that due to pub night exhaustion, we were definitely only going to touch the canoe, not get into it, and definitely not paddle clear to the other side of the lake.

The second time was jere7my and I kayaking, which meant we were able to get out and port the kayak over the little waterfall and then do the canal properly. We saw a frog, and a tiny turtle, and we chased a green heron a bit and then we saw AN OTTER!!!! jere7my took some pictures!

*For the Star Wars vs Star Trek ball, I had Lise do up my hair in exquisite Leia buns, and I wore glitter and my Leiaish dress. I looked very beautiful and the buns did not come out despite doing Scottish dancing and later stilt-walking.

*The number of people catching and using my pronouns was magnificent. Also, I'm quite amused by some friends asking if it was okay if they used "she-shit-they" as my pronoun, as it was inevitably what happened. I will absolutely accept sheshitthey as my pronoun, yes, as I have used it myself occasionally by accident.

(Misgendering yourself is weird.)

*I had a job interview on changeover day between session 1 and session 2. It was...I mean, it was a phone interview and it only lasted about twenty minutes but I think I answered all of their questions well and I think I asked good questions of my own. I should be hearing back from them sometime this week upcoming maybe.

*Was in a ceilidh act attempting to hexify a Scottish square. It went solidly okay. Extra difficult in that one of our people didn't show up so I pulled my dance-sister Connie in on absolutely zero warning. I think this would make a better workshop than ceilidh for the future.

*Fucked up both my acts in the session 1 ceilidh, neither in ways anyone else would notice or care about. Felt...really bummed out about it, and got super quiet and brainwarped, which eventually culminated in me vanishing for a long while and eventually sobbing on the dock for a bit at one AM, because that's kinda what you do at Pinewoods at least once.

*I always feel a little weird that I basically never go to classes at Pinewoods. I think I pretty consistently average 1.5 classes a day or less, and inevitably the bulk of that is either Highland or Rapper.

*People seemed pleased by my classes on basic SCD technique during ESC, but I very much did not. I don't think I prepared well enough for them or did a good enough job teaching, and I especially fucked up the last day something thorough (in no small part to the complete lack of sleep beforehand). I suspect a lot of this is me being Too Hard on myself, but I also suspect that me being Too Hard on myself counts as bad even if sucking at teaching doesn't.

*Speaking of rapper, I managed to hit someone I like and respect very much in the face with a rapper sword because sometimes this sort of shit happens but also god_damnit_. She was very gracious.

*I managed to put my open water bottle into my bag at one point, which was a Dumb Idea. My camera got the brunt of the damage --it's completely broken, despite spending most of a week in a tub of rice (thank you crewwww). So I'll have to look into a new digital camera, siiiigh.

I am really sad that I have to put any notes into this category, because this is significantly worse than the bad category. But there you have it.

*There was a pretty blatant transphobic joke made by the bandleader and two of the musicians Wednesday night. Like, two dudes dressing up as women, being introduced as "our guest musicians [feminized versions of their names]" by the bandleader and a lot of wink-wink-nudge-nudge laughter involved. It was not okay, and I'm not looking forward to having to fight at the next TMC2 meeting about how this was Not Okay and how we need to explain that to the people involved.

(But I'm looking even less forward to being a part of a community where transphobic jokes are able to be the norm.)


Overall I had a REALLY REALLY good time, which is pretty typical for me. I enjoyed myself and played games and saw and made good friends and fucked about in a canoe and swam and so much dancing!

I am already looking forward to next year. <3


1: ESC = English Scottish Contra session at Pinewoods! Also called ESCape. Session 1 and Session 2 = the two official Scottish sessions at Pinewoods.

2: TMC is the Teaching and Music Committee of the Boston RSCDS branch. RSCDS is the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. I'm a part of TMC both naturally and because someone from the Highland Ball needs to attend their meetings. We're the peeps who pick the MCs, Musicians, and Teachers for events like Pinewoods.

3: Comet is a term starting to appear in some branches of the poly community. It refers to someone who briefly comes into your life on a periodicish basis, and who you don't really date or communicate much with in between, but are always happy to pick back up where you left off. This particular comet started as my "James Dean relationship"3.a, and I adore him something fierce.

3.a: Live fast, die young, leave a pretty corpse. We went from zero to sexytimes in about a date and a half, we broke up after six months (both knowing it was coming; he was moving far away), we stayed friends. And sometimes more than friends.

4: Did you know that there is a name for the size of bed smaller than twin? Yeah, it's single. Singles are _very_ small.

Three sentences about 2017-07-13

Jul. 14th, 2017 10:05 pm
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Up at 04:30 this morning for the release itself, which went mostly fine, although there was a certain amount of needless flailing around when a new thing turned out to need some network access it didn't have, and the process of opening up the relevant stuff at 05:30 when no one else was around to review or approve things was fairly hackalicious. But it worked, and was all fine in the end. Headed to the office after that, got some stuff done during the day had a good meeting at the end of the day that clarified some important things and led to a good plan for a thing, albeit a sort of minor and tangential thing, but still. Home, made tacos for dinner, mm tacos; then some baths and bedtimes, and very tired, and to bed myself.